Episode 013: Thor


In Episode 013 of The Curb Our Enthusiasm Podcast, Jeremy and Rey have a stop and chat about Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 2 Episode 02, Thor. We discuss if Larry has a kink or if Cheryl is putting words in Larry’s mouth.  We hope you enjoy this episode and thank you for listening! 


30 Sep. 2001

While going to meet Jason Alexander to discuss an idea for a new TV project, Larry has a run-in with professional wrestler Thor Olsen. Thor accuses Larry of "shooting at his kids", and Larry thinks Thor slashed his tires. Meanwhile, Jeff separates from Suzie, and asks Larry to go pick up his clothes. Doing so incurs the wrath of Suzie, and he asks Jeff to repay the favor by letting the air out of Thor's tires.Info from IMDB.Com