Episode 012: The Car Salesman


In Episode 012 of The Curb Our Enthusiasm Podcast, Jeremy and Rey have a stop and chat about Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 2 Episode 02, The Car Salesman. Jeremy and Rey discuss relationship texting hardship, OK...maybe not hardship but slight annoyance. They discuss real estate decisions, blubber in the 90's and Rey's dream job of becoming a car salesman. It's all here in this GT (Guaranteed Tremendous?) episode! We hope you enjoy this episode and thank you for listening! 

The Car Salesman

23 Sep. 2001

Larry joins a new job of car salesman- a job for which he is ready to give up a lot of things. He also buys a house and so everything seems to be going fine. Only that people keep asking stupid questions to Larry when they come to look for a car and the house makes weird sound at night. So Larry puts his genius into action- GTS means guaranteed tremendous safety. He was this close to fulfilling his lifelong dream of selling a car before Richard Lewis shows up with grievances and ruins everything. Info from IMDB.Com