Stop and Commentary: 09_08 Never Wait for Seconds!

In this Curb Our Enthusiasm Podcast, Jeremy and Rey have a stop and commentary about Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season-9 Episode-8 Never Wait for Seconds!. We hope you enjoy this episode, thanks for listening!

This Curb, Never Wait for Seconds! Season 9 Episode 8 aired on:

19 Nov. 2017

Larry saves a line-cutter from an angry mob and has to deal with a tip-flipper.

Guest starring: 

Lauren Graham as Bridget

Navid Negahban as Morsi

Michael J. Fox as Michael J. Fox

Chris Williams as Krazee-Eyez Killa (Vanessa Williams brother)

Iris Bahr as Rachel

Anita Barone as Denise Handicapped