Stop and Commentary: 09_10 Fatwa!

In this Curb Our Enthusiasm Podcast, Jeremy and Rey have a stop and commentary about Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season-9 Episode-10 Fatwa!. We hope you enjoy this episode, thanks for listening!

This Curb, Fatwa! Season 9 Episode 10 aired on:

03 Dec. 2017

Larry has a scheduling conflict, takes issue with some work associates, and hosts a pair of ungrateful house guests. It's also the wedding day of Sammy (Jeff and Susie's daughter).

Guest starring: 

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lin-Manuel Miranda

F. Murray Abraham as Ayatollah

Ted Danson as Ted Danson

Bob Einstein as Marty Funkhouser

Richard Lewis as Richard Lewis

Nick Offerman as Cody

Carly Hughes as Wife #1

Chris Sullivan as Husband #1

Casey Wilson as Marie

Chet Hanks as Victor

Ashly Holloway as Sammi Greene

Tipper Newton as Valentina

Tina Sirimarco as Sign Language Interpreter